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Colorado Elk Hunting

TNT Outfitting is based out of Montrose, Colorado; located in Unit #62. The ranch is located 34 miles up Hwy 90 out of town. There are easy roads to get in and out of the hunting lodge where the base camp is located. Owner and Guide TJ Hecht has been hunting the area since he was 12 years old. He has ridden horses all over the plateau hunting and pushing cattle through the terrain. TNT Outfitting is also a working cattle ranch. TJ’s knowledge of the area is extensive, and he resides there all summer.

We have fields in Montrose Valley for our lower elevation turkey hunts, mule deer hunts, and some bear hunts depending on the year. Our higher elevation hunts for everything we offer are 7,600 ft (about 2.32 km) to 8,700 ft (about twice the elevation of Denver, Colorado). Our terrain varies a lot as we go up from cedars all the way to aspens and pines. The entire hunting ranch from the lower end to the upper end is easily accessible for any hunter with a guide from the roads, trails, and just walking in the woods. 

 Guided Hunts in Colorado

Colorado Elk Hunting

All our Guided Hunts in Colorado are 5-day hunts. Starting with archery hunts that last through until the last day of the 4th rifle season. Our guided hunts start in the early fall in September where we can have temperatures of 30 degrees, then up to 70 degrees during the day. Just like our winter hunts, we go from cold to colder. The best way to gear up for Colorado hunting is to always bring two pairs of boots and lots of socks along with layers for the body making sure you have enough to stay warm but can take some layers off for when it warms up. We reach out to all of our upcoming hunting groups to make sure we are advising you of what hunting gear you will need and what the weather looks like for the week of your guided hunt in Colorado.

We offer fully guided private land hunts. We have a full time cook with a 20x30 cook house. Each hunting group will have their own cabins. We have two small group cabins that fit up to four hunters and then one large cabin that can fit up to 8 hunters. The cabins are in the bottom valley next to the gorgeous Spring Creek Canyon, about 8,200 ft (about 2.5 km) in elevation. All hunting cabins are fully furnished, you will just need to bring your own sleeping bags and pillows.

Guided Hunts in Colorado

We take out 5-7 hunters per season, to ensure everyone has a high success rate. We can hunt 8,000 acres (about half the area of Cleveland, Ohio) in the high country and 2,000 acres that spread into the lower country. All our hunting property has been set up with ground blinds and tripod stands. We also have over-look areas where we glass from and can spot and stalk for those who want to get out and walk the woods. We have road access to all hunting stands and blinds to make it easier for someone who loves to hunt but cannot get around in the high elevations like they used to. We can accommodate anyone who wants to hunt with the access and transportation services we have.

Colorado Hunting Trips

  • Elk Hunting in Colorado 

  • Colorado Mule Deer Hunting 

  • Black Bear Hunting in Colorado 

  • Colorado Turkey Hunting 

  • Mountain Lion Hunting in Colorado

We start Bear Hunting and Elk Hunting in Colorado in September and run archery the whole month and the week of muzzleloader mid-September. We run all the rifle elk hunts 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th season.

Colorado Mule Deer Hunts run from September to the end of November. We have archery and muzzleloader mule deer hunts during the 2nd and 3rd season. Mule deer hunts are a draw only for our Unit #62. We sell mule deer rifle hunt vouchers for the 2nd and 3rd hunting seasons for our private ground. For info on the rifle mule deer hunts and voucher tags you need to contact TJ after the first of the year.

Colorado Turkey Hunting is only offered for spring hunts from mid-April to the end of May.

Mountain Lion Hunting in Colorado are call in to book and dates for those hunts in the winter vary based on the snow amounts on the ranch. 

Typical Colorado Hunting Trip Schedule

Colorado Hunting Trip

Hunters may drive and meet guides in Montrose or fly into Montrose for pick up. All hunters are to come in the day before the scheduled hunt and depart the day after the hunt concludes.

All Colorado Hunting Trips include food, lodging, and a guide. If any hunter has a special request or wants to bring their own food just let us know. We start off each morning with a cup of cowboy coffee and a light breakfast. We take all hunters out for the morning hunt. We come back to camp around 9 AM to 10 AM for a big brunch and to regather for the next outing. We will then eat a late lunch and then head back out for our evening hunt. The cook will have dinner ready and warm as hunters and guides return from the evening hunt after dark.

Colorado Hunting Packages

To book a Colorado Hunting Package we require a 50% deposit. Checks need to be mailed and waiver forms need to be filled out to book a hunt. If cancellation is within 60 days prior to the hunt, then deposits are not refunded.

Non-Hunting guests are allowed and are priced at 50% of the hunting cost. 

Fully guided 5-day hunting packages include food, cooking, and lodging on private property. Hunters must arrive the day before the scheduled hunt and must depart after the 5th day of the hunt.

  • Archery/ muzzleloading—$5,000 

  • Rifle hunts 1st,2nd, 3rd, and 4th- $4,500  

  • Added bear hunt to an existing hunt $2,000  

  • September bear hunts $5,000 

  • Spring turkey $350 day 

  • Fall mountain lion $7,500 

Contact TNT Outfitting for More Information

TNT Outfitting | (970) 275-1520

66176 Riverside Rd Montrose, CO 81403 

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